Write a short note about what you liked, what to order, or other helpful advice for visitors. Radar detectors, while excellent at what they do, are not perfect. The fantastic unbiased reporting of the latest radar capabilities and the ability to Express the technical information. Great page to follow. Everything is conveyed in simple form, and. Amongst the most reputable brands of radar detector are Cobra. Youll see not only false alerts, but missed alerts, reduced performance, and delayed alerts. Reviews are spot on with his competition. The K band is still prone to false signals, but it wouldnt compare to the false alerts of the X band. TSS TruSpeed S. A compact lidar gun produced by LTI. Best and most informative website for all things radar detector on the internet! I just put myself on the waiting list for the Uniden R3. Download Highway Radar here. Thanks to his advice I was able to hard-wire my Valentine1 in my MX-5. Best radar detector . Best user-friendly radar detector. he is the go to guy for radar detector knowledge & makes informed videos. The go to guy for anything about radar/laser detectors, He's one of the most informed and definitely the most honest person you'll find when it comes to detectors and, I appreciate the extensive time and effort Vortex has devoted to the subject of radar detector technology. Theres no one else that puts in the time and information about the radar community than him. learning more tips about my favorite detectors!! Sending multiple pulses over time means you can calculate the change in distance over time and thus speed. The entire time, no reading is able to be acquired. Many detectors have a hard time finding this band, and thus law enforcement uses this often. What you always wanted to know about radar detectors but were afraid to ask. Im still undecided on which radar detector is right for me. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. A filter in Escort and Beltronics products that helps them filter out false Ka alerts from other poorly designed, leaky radar detectors. The idea is to do it too quickly for a radar detector to alert, but most modern radar detectors have no problem picking up QT. RDR helps filter out false alerts from leaky radar detectors. It has the smallest antennas (because it uses the highest frequencies). It's a long range detector with arrows, good false alert filtering, and some of the best hands-free automation. Did you detect Ka band? The current GOLD Standard in detection news and reviews. Radar A radio wave that can be sent out and will bounce off of various targets. Very thorough / excellent video quality. I cannot say enough good stuff about them. The last major element is that of V or stealth mode. The front antenna wont cause an issue, but the second rear facing antenna could be an issue if a police officer pulls up behind you at a red light and your rear facing detector will trigger his Spectre. The first significant element that you need to know amidst radar detector codes is that of the X band. A unique radar detector code. Police radars often cycle between X, K, and Ka, but tend to stick to Ka more often than not. Its as if the jammers werent there. Let's get started! Sold me on the Uniden R3, and it was the best choice! Vortex Radar is a great source for factual information on Radar Detectors. He has even taken the time to respond to questions concerning setups and. Love all the informative videos. IPT Instant Punchthrough. One of the oldest codes, the X band can still be picked up by Cobra radar detectors. His non-biased approach makes it very, easy to trust what he says. If you see the Ka alert, slow down immediately, theres a low chance of a false alert in this option. Most knowledgeable guy about mobile devices! how Ka filters like Ka Guard and RDR work, Blackvue Announces New Dashcams at CES 2023. Bands Police radar guns operate on different frequencies. RADAR directly means RAdio Detection And Ranging System. Frequency Range of Ka-Band Radar Signals Keepspeedincheck.com also participates in affiliate programs with Clickbank, CJ, ShareASale. Answer (1 of 2): K and Ka are types of radar frequencies used by police radar guns. The most knowledgeable honest testing and recommendations on earth! William Johnson is the owner and founder of RatedRadarDetector.org. EL Escort Live. Check out theRadenso Pro M Radar Detector, with advanced Blind Spot Monitor (BSM) false alert filtering! Even newer than the K band is the Ka-band. Best budget radar detector. Very informative channel for Radar Detectors and Dashcams! Im still undecided on which radar detector is right for me. Ka falses are also pretty rare so if your detector alerts to Ka, pay attention. This is my go to for radar detector knowledge, I want answers and he has them, Performance warranted and best reviews online. Furthermore, alerts on it are slightly more delayed, so make sure you slow down right away when you see or hear that its been detected. All rights reserved. a lot of money on equipment buying and not waisting my money hes the Man! Incredible knowledge and willing to share what he knows. Sorry, I do not test international radar detectors that are not used or sold here in the US. Great Information and review to help make the best chose for you. VPR Variable pulse rate. I trust everything he posts! Laser Infrared laser guns are used to measure the speed of moving vehicles to issue speeding tickets. However, if you only look at what does K band mean on police radar, you are only focusing on 1 aspect. However, instead of looking for music on a certain radio station, theyre looking for the existence of a radio station / radar signal in the first place. Note that the detector does not operate when connected to a USB-C cable. Theyre still capable of protecting you against many of the guns in use around the country, but they are unable to handle some of the newer and more difficult to jam lidar guns. JBV1 An outstanding and feature packed Android app for the Valentine 1. https://www.vortexradar.com/2015/12/radar-detector-terminology/. Vortex Radar is a great source for factual information on Radar Detectors. A rabbit gives you added protection. Love the reviews, tips, and tricks! When software updates are available, you install them using the USB-C cable and your computer. Everything you'll need to know about Top Detectors this man has you Covered reliable Information and that's Facts I. really Enjoy His Videos online an on Youtube , many Reviews I've learned alot an really enjoy the Collection I own thanks to Him. ENTER TO WIN A HIGH TEC BACK , FRONT AND PARK VIEWING CAM! RDD Radar Detector Detector. installations! I recommend the products and people reading the information on your web site to learn what is out there and available, I really like the idea of having the ability of recording my driving in case of a traffic incident. Very professional reviews, tests in details. This site is owned and operated by keepspeedincheck.com. Most knowledgeable guy about mobile devices! Vortex is awesome. Great advise on the videos. He's always keeping us updated on Radar news, updates, tests, and, Alway share valuable information. For some of us, the notion of understanding radar alerts starts with K band. How effective are undetectable radar detectors at avoiding detection from a radar detector detector? Theres no one else that puts in the time and information about the radar community than him. This is a much more laborious method to measure speed, but it doesnt trigger a radar detector or laser jammer. For further information about the radar bands used in your state, please visit my article. I trust his reviews. Ka Band Police radar guns that are designed to transmit around 33.8, 34.7, or 35.5 GHz operate within the Ka band. Heres their website. I would like to welcome you to keepspeedincheck.com. Excellent information about "countermeasures" associated with safe driving. Comprehensive, unbiased reviews and setup guides. of the newest detectors allowed me to make a very informed decision on the best value for a windshield detector. Congratulations bypurchasing a radar detectorand understanding what the alerts mean, you have become a more aware driver! Thoughtful discussion - and solid technical conclusions. Since some lower end radar detectors emit like crazy, newer RDDs even have a special filter built in thats designed specifically to filter out super leaky detectors as they get closer, a similar idea to using the sensitivity adjustment knob. and storage too. The most knowledgeable data based source for radar / laser detectors in addition to countermeasures. Everything is conveyed in simple form, and. Its only used for special radar guns that have the POP mode, where a radar gun doesnt fire a steady signal of radio waves than short pulses. 112,000 speeding tickets are fined every day in America, often in speed Hi, I'm Ian. Significant personal annual saving on tickets ! DE / DET / DETC DragonEye, DragonEye Technologies, DragonEye Compact. But remember, its always better to be extra careful, so a cautionary slowing down and staying within the speed limit would ensure that youre not apprehended by officers. Brilliant communcation and total product knowledge. It ticks just about every box you could want. This has given K band radar a reputation for a high percentage of false alerts sometimes, other companies even recommend disabling K band entirely to reduce these annoying false positives. For further information about the radar bands used in your state, please visit my article,police radar bands used by state. If the detector receives a radar signal that the user knows is a false alert (for example, the automatic doors at the grocery store), the user can press a button on the detector that takes a "snapshot" of the current GPS coordinates and the exact frequency of the false alert. V is one of the Cobra codes that is used to detect VG-2 devices. This is my go to for radar detector knowledge, I want answers and he has them, Performance warranted and best reviews online. Anyone interested in learning more about. in giving both manufacture details and real world test results. With an understanding of what X, K, and Ka bands are, now you can take even more informed action when presented with these alerts. ;-), Nice information to help you with making a choice. Vortex. Best radar detector overall. It did a good job and can still detect many radar detectors in use today, but radar detector manufacturers made a simple change to avoid being detected by the VG-2. POP mode drops the strength of other codes and focuses on police officer radar guns that are newer. Excellent reviews of all the radar detectors. Youll want that for the range increase. What I like most about Vortex Radar is the fact that you give an honest review what's good and not good on all products. Q: What does download mode mean on a cobra 480i mean. "Ka" stands for. Band segmentation is used to turn on and off different portions of the entire range of Ka band. It does this by taking a normal continuous wave radar and combininga frequency modulated signal. Best instructional and detailed videos ever. Check out the most popular Radar Detectors at Escort.com just Click Here. They will trigger a Spectre as an officer drives by. Contrast this with FMCW, explained below. These are one of the most annoying false alerts and the most challenging to filter out. For the latest news and updates relating to radar detectors, link to Escort iX Vs Escort Max 360: Never Pay A Speeding Ticket Again. I drive through Virginia and am concerned about this. Radar detectors are designed to sweep a whole range of frequencies while looking for police radar, similar to scanning for all the radio stations on your car stereo when searching for a radio station to listen to.